Disability Trikes

Disabled motorcycle trike riders still ride with the disabilities

Some innovative modifications with regards to your motorcycle trike riders with paraplegia which will help a disabled rider to rediscover the liberty of the road .

Starting out
Home alarm security systems motorcycle ready for riding is not really normally too hard. You need to realize that the controls relating to the motorcycle operate and the way to modify them to cooperate with your disability. A disabled rider’s ally may be the local motorcycle shop or competent mechanic who can modify your motorcycle in your case. You might like to add adaptions to all your bike to fit your particular disability. Let’s look at the way a rider uses the controls using a motorcycle and a few common modifications.

Left Leg
The left foot usually operates the appliance shift lever by pushing down and lifting up with the toes. Riders with left leg problems could replace the shift lever by adding an extension cord inside of the heel area. This would show you how to change gears by both pushing down when using the heel and pushing down from the toe position. The most up-to-date choice is the Flatshifter Max electric shifter system. The Flatshifter Max will be an electric gearshift system employs push-buttons attached to the handlebars, connected with an electrical solenoid to own the bike’s gearshift lever. Gear changing is completed when using the left hand, a full kit are easy to remove and refitted with your next bike.

Right Leg
Most motorcycles operate the real wheel brake along with a toe lever around the right side. Modification choices riders right leg issues include, either operating a modified right brake pedal, or moving the brake to the left side, or mounting a second hand brake lever in tandem when using the front brake lever relating to the handlebar. Again the Flatshifter Dualever is designed specifically for this challenge ,created for motorcycle riders that happen to be not able to use their right foot for rear brake operation, or have left hand arm problems. The modular design enables independent operation of both back and front brakes using one specific hand. Alternatively it is usually configured for clutch and brake operation, hydraulic and cable modules offering total versatility.

Additional options
Clutchless gear shift system Flatshifter in england specialize in clutchless gear shift systems for race and disabled riders. They manufacture a patented system enabling clutchless up and clutchless down gearshifts without the need for rider input the least bit. The clutch will only be useful to select 1st gear and start. Only to find they will have a very unique new system in development that operates the clutch for your needs so no rider input required whether selecting 1st gear and pulling away, preps any scale motorcycle.engines, unlike centrifugal clutches this program is on test right now on your 1000 cc Fire blade.

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