ATV Types

The Types of ATV’s You Want to Know

An All-terrain vehicle (ATV) is a machine that is designed specially for off-road rides. All-terrain vehicles have become popular in the last 15 years and is now being used for recreational activities, especially in the United States. These vehicles are used by people for adventurous rides from nasty mudlands and mountains to slushy snow and frozen lakes. For all those who want to enjoy the back country and get the experience of dodging trees, or negotiating awe-inspiring streams, ATV riding is your thing. Apart from these, these vehicles can be used for agricultural purposes like plowing lands and rounding up cattle. It is also used for hauling landscaping equipment. It is the size of the engine that determines the speed and power of the vehicle. The size ranges from 50 to 800 cubic centimeters. Some of the main manufacturers of ATVs are Arctic Cat, Suzuki, Yamaha, TaoTao, Kraftfahrzeuge Trunkenpolz Mattighofen (KTM), Honda, Bombardier (Can-Am), Kawasaki, Polaris and Kymco.

Types of All-terrain Vehicles

Youth Models
The Youth model is best for off-road riding and it is basically designed for children and teens. This model is cheaper than models that are designed for adults. Safety is a main factor in this vehicle, and the design is such that the engine will stop if the person in the vehicle falls off, so as to prevent him/her from being dragged with the vehicle. The size of the youth model engine ranges from 50cc to 125cc. Pitster Pro FXR 125R, Pitster Pro quad, KingQuad 500 Axi and Mongoose 50 4T are some youth models manufactured.

Entry-Level Four Wheelers
This category is next to youth models in size and price. It is also known as recreational trail class. The size of the engine ranges from 125cc to 250cc. Automatic transmission is a main feature of the model. For those who prefer casual pace, entry-level four wheelers are best suited. Yamaha Raptor 250, Yamaha Blaster, Polaris Phoenix 200,Suzuki Ozark, Can-Am DS250, Kawasaki Bayou, Honda TRX250X are some entry-level four-wheeler models.

Utility Quads
By definition, utility quads is primarily used for heavy-work purposes like plowing fields, hauling cargo etc. It is used in factories, law enforcement agencies and also by scientists. Utility quads are popularly used by people who have agricultural businesses and construction workers. This machine was a favorite thing for hunters, fishermen, and campers during the 1980s. The suspension level is limited but the engines are powerful enough to run at any environmental condition including rocks and steep hills. The Yamaha Grizzly 300 2WD, Polaris Ranger diesel, and the Polaris Ranger RZR 570 are some utility quads available in the market. The size of the engine ranges from 250cc to 700cc.

Sport/Utility ATVs
These combines the features of utility quads with sporting characteristics that is necessary for racing. These models are flexible and there is an array of models available to choose from. The Sport/Utility quad can be described as a sports machine, trailer hitch, and a four-wheel drive with powerful engines. Yamaha Wolverine 350, Polaris Scrambler 500 4×4 ATV, Kawasaki Prairie 650 etc., are some of the Sport/Utility ATVs. The size of the engine is in the range of 250cc to 800cc.

Sport Quads
The main features of sport quads are zippy engines, long travel suspension, great handling etc. Sport quads are best designed for jumping, hitting and sliding around corners. Experienced drivers can fly around with this machine and it really gives a great experience. The shifting skills and good handling features, makes it special. The Yamaha Raptor 700R, Suzuki Z400, Suzuki QuadRacer R450, Kawasaki KFX 450, Can Am DS 450, and the Honda TRX 450R are some of the sport quad models. The capacity of the engine is from 200cc to 400cc.

High Performance ATVs
These are referred to as the corvettes and ferraris of all ATVs. The high speed of acceleration is a main feature in this model. It can cruise along sand dunes and the woods. The ultimate goal of the manufacturers of these vehicles is to provide a race-like handling feature. The size of the engine is from 350cc to 700cc. KTM 505SX, KTM 450SX ATV, KTM 525XC are examples of high performance ATVs.

Buying an ATV is a surely a big investment, and you need to choose the right one for you. It is advisable to ask your friends who have bought the machine before you buy it. Before you choose one, you should consider some of the factors like appropriate size, model, thrill factor, comfortable suspension system, power requirements etc.

Use the Trike Kits to make your Motorcycle Safer and more Comfortable

Have you been through the stage of wanting to buy a motorcycle and then found that you are worried whether you will feel safe riding one? Or perhaps you have even bought one and are now too frightened about taking it out on the road. Whatever your case may be, whether you have the motorcycle or not, you can buy motorcycle trikes or trike kits to give you the stability and safety that you are lacking when you have to ride the motorcycle by itself.

Motorcycle trikes put together the best parts of riding a bike like feeling the wind in your face and the feeling of added stability and safety that you get while driving a car. You can also maneuver motorcycles with trike kits through limited space better than you would be able a car or other kind of four wheeled vehicle. In more ways than one, these machines give you the ideal compromise between a motorcycle and a car. Like on a motorcycle, you can continue to get the thrill of riding one.

You can ride with extra safety and stability that the extra wheels of the trike kits bring you and you also get extra storage since the vehicle gets that much bigger. If you have been postponing your decision about buying one of the motorcycle trikes then think again. You may be thinking that the trike is very much outdated. But the modern trike is quite different from its predecessors. It is not only great to look at and stylish but it gives you additional stability and safety that the motorcycle on its own does not give you. In fact the trike has become a status symbol today.

Another difference between the modern trikes and the old ones is that the new ones are more like bikes in appearance rather than like cars. That is they are less enclosed, making you feel the rush of the wind in your face as you speed on the motorcycle trikes with your friends. Also, the trike kits that you get today give you much better performance as compared to the trikes of the past which were indeed extremely slow.

Given that the motorcycle trikes give you great performance, are fashionable to look at and great where safety is concerned, it is not at all surprising that more and more people are looking to buy trike kits. So if you want to still feel like a biker even though you might be afraid to ride a motorcycle, you can choose one of the trike conversion kits and add it to your motorcycle and hit the road without having to worry about your safety. You can join other bikers and traverse up and down the country roads which will give you great pleasure.

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